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Pioneer Portraits

I recently took part in a community project called The Pioneer Portraits, in conjunction with Singapore’s SG50 celebrations.

Pioneer Portraits
Photo taken from Outer Edit.
The Pioneer Portraits initiative is a community project by Orchard Road Business Association ( ORBA). Part of the SG50 celebrations, it is designed and curated by OuterEdit, sponsored by Lee Foundation and Rich-Art Enterprises Pte. Ltd., and supported by Singapore Tourism Board and SG50 Celebration Fund.

It is a compelling showcase of Singaporean history – a celebration of her milestones, presented with pride and dignity through the eyes of her creative community. Along Orchard Road, 3 metre-tall glass panels will be applied with 24 stunning pieces of art, depicted by 24 of Singapore’s best and budding visual artists/illustrators.

This initiative will be ongoing from 1 August – 30 September 2015.

We were each given a milestone in Singapore’s History to depict, and mine was 1970s- the early development of Orchard Road.

Back in the early 1830s, before the ever-bustling shopping belt was flanked by distinctive shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, it was an unnamed country road lined with road orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms. Commercial developments began and there came Singapore’s first Cold Storage in 1903 (the site is now occupied by The Centrepoint).


Here are some photos taken on the Opening Day, 1st August 2015.

Jalan Fruity 1

My Artwork entitled Jalan Fruity.

In the 1970s, there were already quite a few buildings along Orchard Road. Most of them have been demolished, but some of the shopping centres have gone through a lot of changes. Some of them, like C.K. Tang, Lido, and Cold storage still exist, but the buildings back then had much more character and personality.

I knew I wanted to draw out these iconic buildings along Orchard Road during the 1970s, but I also wanted to add something whimsical into the picture.

I thought about how, in the 1800s, Orchard Road was lined with many fruit trees, spice and pepper farms. Orchard Road also got its name from the Nutmeg plantations that populated the area. Knowing this, I wanted to incorporate the idea of the fruit trees to make that connection to the past. I hope to remind people of what Orchard road used to be, in contrast to what it is now.

That’s when the idea of ‘shopping fruits’ popped in my head— little fruits shopping, hanging with fruity friends around the buildings. I drew different types of fruits, even those not grown in Singapore, because Orchard Road is so cosmopolitan, with visitors from all over the world.

A1 GlassPanel_Serene Astralrae_2007_ CC
Close-up of Jalan Fruity.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Here I am, looking at my artwork on the Opening Day. There was a street busker right in front, and I was thinking, that’s pretty awesome, a free performance for people who might be viewing my work


From Left: Ms Joan Pereira, the Guest-of-Honour, Ms Indranee Rajah, our Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Education, Mr Mark Shaw, Chariman of the EXCO of Orchard Road Business Association and Executive Vice-President, The Shaw Organisation  and  Mr Steven Goh, executive director of the Orchard Road Business Association.


With the rest of the participating artists, Mr Mark Shaw and Mr Steven Goh of Orchard Road Business Association

Here are some links to see the other pictures of the event.

Pioneer Portraits — OuterEdit

Pioneer Portraits | Facebook

Enjoy & Cheers!


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a sunday walk

Had lunch with my parents at Ang Mo Kio on sunday.
The Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) is really good. esp the pork knuckles in black sauce!

and then we walked ard the neighbourhood and chanced upon this tailor shop which extended to the walk way. which was a good use of the space if u ask me. Natural sunlight, free advertising.

we also saw this shop that was teaching little children how to skate… very smart, because once you are trained, you can head across the overhead bridge to the park and practise.

we crossed the overhead bridge, and decide to take a stroll in the park. obviously my idea, cos it was scorching and i think my parents would have preferred some shade… i just thought we could all do with some vitamin D and nature for once… anyways, some dog owners were learning how to train to their dogs.  I wonder if there will be a class for cats one day.

and then I saw MacD sign, so i was looking for the Macdonalds which i thought was very nearby in the park.. and stumbled upon this river/ park/dryland thing. I dont even know what its called. apparently its Bishan-AngMoKio Park… though google maps says I’m really in AMK.
it’s sucha gem! imagine looking out of your window and seeing this patch of nature everyday! the macDs is a bonus i guess. i don’t eat macDs so often, but it would be a nice place to just chill and watch over the grass. i always envy pple who live so near nature. i have a river near my place but it looks way less natural than this.

the tuffs of grass really reminded of the highline in NYC…

it was a really hot day… I couldnt even open my eyes to the camera. I was wearing what my bf calls the ‘picnic mat”…its really light and comfy though.
brought along my holga too. sure hope i got some nice pics.

say hello to my feet. weirdly veiny in this pic. eeew.

headed back after much prancing around in the sun. the rest of the day was spent back in the comfort of our home, with the fan blasting ( we have no A/C) , and just chilling with the telly and some beeru. 😉

so how was your sunday? hope it went well.


Dress – Asos/ sandals – OFFICE ( from my trip to London 2011)/ bag – gift from my friends for my last birthday. they got it during Deepavali fr Little India. i love it so!

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enter the dragon.

I guess I’ve really been too busy with my final projects and external projects to update this lovely space.
I really do have a lot to share though, so now that I’m a little less busy, I’m gonna try to recap my last few months. haha. bear with me.

There was this Jeans customization competition in April. One of my fellow school mates Josiah, who’s a fashion design major asked if I would be interested to take part with him. I said yes and then that’s when the fun began! Thought I’d post some process photos to show you how we did our customization. Oh, Jo just won the Triumph Singapore Competition. He’s featured in the latest NYLON SG magazine, so do check it out 😉

The theme was Fashion Upclose. Both of us are Singaporeans, so we decided to interpret it as detailed information about our country. We are greatly inspired by nostalgia and our childhood memories in Singapore. I actually did some new designs for this and later used it for my swatch book. I created prints using motifs of rice dumplings, iced gem sweets, peng kueh, and animal playgrounds.

We chose to use bleaching and silkscreen, plus some applique and studding. the Punk elements infused in the jeans were really there more as an expression of the punk spirit — fighting for what we believe in: Singaporean design; rebelling against those who think that Singaporean Design isn’t gonna make it.
Below is my Animal Pla(y)net design on my screen, under yellow light. this was right after exposure, when we had to wash out the loose emulsion and let the design appear. this is one of my favourite moments in screen printing, cos that’s when the design appears, and you either feel happy or sad ( if the design doesn’t show up due to some weird reason). another set of emotions also arise when you start printing. haha

that’s me preparing to print on the other side of the jeans front. this side has the edibles: iced gem biscuits, peng kueh and rice dumplings.

we had to print on both sides. the back featured playgrounds. Above: the back of jeans already silkscreen with a placement of un-Appliqued dragon heads.

Here’s Jo doing an awesome job spray bleaching our entire pair of jeans. we wanted a soft wash of bleach, almost like ombre dip dye, except with bleach. anyways, if anyone intends to do bleaching, pls rem to wear a protective layer, lest you bleach your own lovely clothes. and do rem to wash your bleached item so that it stops bleaching. haha. some pple add vinegar to stop the process as well.

Our bleached + silkscreened jeans drying…slowly…

the dragon heads stuffed. i actually painted on the white pleather to get that coral colour.
so these would go on the back pockets of the jeans. love them squishy things haha.

Pics below are by Suntec City Mall. from the event itself. We won Second Runner up so woohoo!

Tomas modelling our jeans. Front


From Left: Ist runner up, Winner, and us: Second Runner Ups. woot. the winner is also from LASALLE. yay.

Oh! we customised our own jeans as well haha.

Hightlight of the night: Nat Ho was one of the judges and he said he really liked our jeans! Thanks Nat! and all our supporters!

All three pairs of jeans are now being exhibited in Suntec City Mall. need to find out where.. hmm
ok I guess I’m done talking about jeans. Next post… maybe it’ll be about my final project or my Transmission Project. hoho.

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Tiger Balm Gardens

I spent the second day of 2012 visiting Haw Par Villa ( or Tiger Balm Gardens)
Initially built by Au Boon Haw – who created Tiger Balm – for his brother Au Boon Par, this place became a tourist attraction in the 80’s and then slowly became a forgotten place in Singapore. I haven’t been there since I was a kid, so this trip was pretty nostalgic. I wore a hat and took cheesy touristy photos.
It’s a mish mash of colours, and cultures —in some parts of the garden, there was a Statue of Liberty, and some Sumo wrestlers. Many people think it’s a strange place with its many statues depicting chinese folklore, and some rather frightening ones depicting Hell. BUT i really like Haw Par Villa!
I remember going through the Ten Courts of Hell, and reading what punishments one will deserve if we were to lie or cheat in an exam. Those scenes were harsh, and really gruesome. I think a lot of asian families liked to bring their children there in the 80’s, just to scare them a little. It’s so visual i wonder how many children had nightmares. i leave you with not-so-scary photos ( i hope!)

those asian mermaids cracked me up. so did the statue of liberty. and yes that’s me trying to sit on a kiwi.

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