dream in pink

i was reading Susie Bubble‘s blog today about the 2012 class of Uk fashion designers… and my heart skipped a beat. totally love this folksy collection by Molly Goddard. The sheer chiffon layering over crochet and lace…is just lovely. that white dress with the strange cut out at the back is really quite endearing too.

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creating work opportunities

I’m finally done with school! We had our Graduation Exhibition Opening last week! Photos up soon!

anyways, now that I’m done with school, I should look for work. i chanced upon this post via a tweet by Alex Mathers today.

25 Pretty Quick Ways to Create Work Opportunities For You as a Creative

1. Email an old client.

2. Write a classified ad about your services in a popular magazine or directory.

3. Write a blog post that draws attention to your expertise and share it.

4. Go to an event such as a conference or gallery opening and aim to talk to just one person. Perhaps talk to a few more, and close each chat with an exchange of your awesome-looking business card.

5. Give a talk on what you are passionate about.

6. Start a newsletter.

7. Call or email potential clients and prospects.

8. Ask someone in your industry for advice. It’s amazing what lengths some people will go through to help you out. The very act of asking for advice is self-promotion.

9. Volunteer or intern somewhere relevant to your industry.

10. Create a video that could go viral, and promote it. Pray that it goes viral.

11. Start a small business centred around your passions that has a market.

12. Add people on your social media profiles.

13. Write a guide on something you know about and give it away, perhaps as a downloadable pdf.

14. Invite people to dinner who could potentially work with you.

15. Organise an outing or event related to your creative skill or passion.

16. Sign up for a course or workshop on something that could further your career.

17. Create a high-quality self-started piece of work to add to your portfolio and promote the heck out of it.

18. Hook up with someone new that you could collaborate with.

19. Offer to buy coffee or lunch over a chat for a prospect or influencer in your field.

20. Post business cards and postcards to people that you think would be interested.

21. Give away free stuff and/or presents to fans and prospects, especially your own work.

22. Write a well-researched guest post on someone’s popular blog.

23. Host a competition to win something on your site.

24. Offer people a free trial of your product or service before they pay.

25. Do something challenging and/or awesome for charity to raise your profile in the world.


I highlighted the one that jumped out at me most.

11. Start a small business centred around your passions that has a market.
I’ve always wanted to design my own fabrics and make my own print-based products. now that I’ve graduated, I feel that I really can go into this full time. There are so many inspiring independent designers out there, and I always admire their courage to follow their own dreams. Perhaps I’ve spend too much time reading about them achieve their dreams, and admiring that strength, when I really should be focusing on mine. I’ve wondered if I should work for others first, get some income, and then at the side line work on my own things. I’m just afraid that I’d get so swamped by my job that I won’t have the energy to do anything at the end of the day. dilemma! money vs passion. gah.
right now I’m gonna just look for job openings. and also work on new projects, so that gives me the best of both worlds!! ; >

Hurrah to the awesome future ahead!


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pink hair

I finally went to dye my hair at the salon just like i always wanted to! i was contemplating to bleach my whole head of hair and dye it pink!… but i thought i better just try the bottom first in case my hair was ruined from bleaching.
the guy bleached my hair 4 times, but it still didnt turn all blonde… my hair’s too stubborn, plus i DIY dyed it at home before.. so i guess that makes it harder to bleach.
this took abt 5 hours in total. was just as long as when i was a Toni & Guy hair model…

My hair looked way more orange than in the photo. by now i can’t even see the pink anymore. time to buy some hair colour and DIY!

it does look nicer when it’s braided. i forgot to tell the guy that i wanted a gradual bleach.. he ended up doing it in a line…so when he flat ironed my hair it looked really weird. now that my wavy hair’s back in action, the line isnt so straight anymore. see below for wavy orangey hair. i’m definitely conditioning it more, and rubbing in more olive oil to keep it softer and smoother. actually… i think i might need a haircut. haha

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enter the dragon.

I guess I’ve really been too busy with my final projects and external projects to update this lovely space.
I really do have a lot to share though, so now that I’m a little less busy, I’m gonna try to recap my last few months. haha. bear with me.

There was this Jeans customization competition in April. One of my fellow school mates Josiah, who’s a fashion design major asked if I would be interested to take part with him. I said yes and then that’s when the fun began! Thought I’d post some process photos to show you how we did our customization. Oh, Jo just won the Triumph Singapore Competition. He’s featured in the latest NYLON SG magazine, so do check it out 😉

The theme was Fashion Upclose. Both of us are Singaporeans, so we decided to interpret it as detailed information about our country. We are greatly inspired by nostalgia and our childhood memories in Singapore. I actually did some new designs for this and later used it for my swatch book. I created prints using motifs of rice dumplings, iced gem sweets, peng kueh, and animal playgrounds.

We chose to use bleaching and silkscreen, plus some applique and studding. the Punk elements infused in the jeans were really there more as an expression of the punk spirit — fighting for what we believe in: Singaporean design; rebelling against those who think that Singaporean Design isn’t gonna make it.
Below is my Animal Pla(y)net design on my screen, under yellow light. this was right after exposure, when we had to wash out the loose emulsion and let the design appear. this is one of my favourite moments in screen printing, cos that’s when the design appears, and you either feel happy or sad ( if the design doesn’t show up due to some weird reason). another set of emotions also arise when you start printing. haha

that’s me preparing to print on the other side of the jeans front. this side has the edibles: iced gem biscuits, peng kueh and rice dumplings.

we had to print on both sides. the back featured playgrounds. Above: the back of jeans already silkscreen with a placement of un-Appliqued dragon heads.

Here’s Jo doing an awesome job spray bleaching our entire pair of jeans. we wanted a soft wash of bleach, almost like ombre dip dye, except with bleach. anyways, if anyone intends to do bleaching, pls rem to wear a protective layer, lest you bleach your own lovely clothes. and do rem to wash your bleached item so that it stops bleaching. haha. some pple add vinegar to stop the process as well.

Our bleached + silkscreened jeans drying…slowly…

the dragon heads stuffed. i actually painted on the white pleather to get that coral colour.
so these would go on the back pockets of the jeans. love them squishy things haha.

Pics below are by Suntec City Mall. from the event itself. We won Second Runner up so woohoo!

Tomas modelling our jeans. Front


From Left: Ist runner up, Winner, and us: Second Runner Ups. woot. the winner is also from LASALLE. yay.

Oh! we customised our own jeans as well haha.

Hightlight of the night: Nat Ho was one of the judges and he said he really liked our jeans! Thanks Nat! and all our supporters!

All three pairs of jeans are now being exhibited in Suntec City Mall. need to find out where.. hmm
ok I guess I’m done talking about jeans. Next post… maybe it’ll be about my final project or my Transmission Project. hoho.

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Mociun’s New Store on Wythe Ave. i wish i was still living on Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn. i would visit it everyday if i could.

i really love her prints and clothes, i have one romper which i wear on very special occasions. that’s how much i love it. and now she’s moved on to do more jewellery. lovelovelove! she’s sucha go getter. that’s one thing i admire about the new yorkers that i met, they all know what they want and they do what they can to get them. and they aren’t gonna just sit there and let things stop them. or whine about it.

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so i finished my thesis paper. yay!!!!! i actually got a finger cramp from 3 days of typing. ;<

i was writing about how Björk is so creatively influenced by her climate and geography, and how all her music and fashion always points back to her love for Iceland.  i myself want to find my roots and be inspired. but singapore is so different in the sense that it is way more urban than Iceland, which is full of nature and open land.

And because singapore has advanced so rapidly, and become so culturally diverse, it’s hard to point out our roots. so I thought about my childhood memories of old(er) singapore… when buildings had more character ( i love old shophouses!); there were more open space and nature, and playgrounds were not all plastic and rubber mats. There was actually sand!! Toys were not iphones and ipads… and the snacks i grew up with had toys in the packaging. haha. i miss all the kaka, whiterabbit sweets, and tora to name some. even yakult came with a toy. To me, older singapore had alot of charm. its good to progress, but sometimes i think we have progressed too fast. so in this project, i am inspired by old singapore, and my childhood memories living here.

I have a sentimental soul.

so here is one about childhood snacks. maybe i’ll post one of singapore’s playgrounds soon. 😉
this one is printed using mint green, grey and coral pink ink.

i have realised that there are quite a lot of local artists having similar themes about culture, identity and remembering the past. i like.


feature on culturepush

I had wanted to share this weeks ago when the feature came out, but i was too busy with school ;( but here it is:
i was featured on Culturepush! Thanks to Michele Adriaens!
Its the first time my work has been featured on any site, so i guess that’s why i was pretty stoked.


morning thoughts. well at least it was morning when i thought about this.

On this cold cold morning, all I can think about is having a bagel & a takeaway coffee in my hand, waiting for the L Train with A.
a pumpernickel bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese from the Bagel Store. i’m salivating as i type. sucha lovely memory for me, not only because i absolutely love bagels, and coffee, but really, it was New York. i miss the simple things — living in Williamsburg, taking the L train, and embracing the cold outside. i miss the winter of 2010.

today i looked out the window its all gloomy and dreary. i’m filled with mixed feelings, wistfulness, some fear and yet also hope.
I’m embarking on my thesis, (finally!) and there’s this lyric by Björk that’s so apt for now, at least in my head.

“It’s the sparkle you become
When you conquer anxiety”


sure hope my thesis will sparkle when i’m done. JUST NEED TO DO IT.


Who Cares if Honey Bees Are Dying?

via FastCoDesign


I chanced upon a blog today with a post on this, and i started thinking about the dying bees again. ;/

I’m sure i’ve posted about the Colony Collapse Disorder before ( maybe in my tumblr…) The Vanishing of the Bees Video is a good little documentary to watch if anyone is curious about this.

Basically, Bees are dying at an alarming rate due a number of reasons including pollution, global warming, radiation and pesticides on plants.
Bees are so important to the world. they help to pollinate crops and a lot of the food that we eat are pollinated by them. they also help to pollinate many flowers and plants.
can u imagine what would happen if there are no more bees ever?

the question is, what can we do to help?
more and more pple are trying their hand in bee-keeping, to help upkeep the bee population.
i’ve heard of so many pple keeping bees on their rooftops or gardens, in a urban city too.
love that idea. hope to be able to do that one day, when i get my own house.
though i have a feeling the singapore government might not let me.

another thing we could do is stop stressing bees with pollution, pesticides, global warming, and radiation.


Pens & Needles Exhibition

Pens make marks. Needles make holes. Either can be used as a weapon of self-defense, a toothpick, or create tattoos. The limitations of the pen and needle as an art making tool is restricted only by the creative intention of it’s operator. Moving between the conventional and non-conventional application of these art making tools, SURFACE 1°22 invited a group of designers and artists to explore the possibilities of creating illustrative based artwork using Pens and/or Needles, playing with the notions of surface and texture.
Contributing artists include Izziyana Suhaimi, Lully Crooelly, Serene Lin, Shang Li, Chico Chicano, Nazierah Sanat, Molly Wallis, Deborah McKellar, Agnes Chong, Tito, Xiuting, Wrul. B and Maria Walf.
ICAS Project Space, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Exhibition is open Tuesday – Saturday, Friday 17th February to 2nd March, 2012


Please join us for the Opening Event of SURFACE 1°22 exhibition Pens and Needles on Thursday 16th February, 6-9pm


illustration and stitch are wonderful mediums for art-making, and I’m thrilled to be part of this exhibition. Thank you SURFACE 1°22 for the opportunity!

Do come down and see the wonderful artworks being exhibited!