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holiday time!

vietnam bound in few hours! ( ho chi minh city to be exact!) yay!
can’t wait to eat all the yummy street food, and explore the city!

see you all in about 10 days! 😉



summer lust

Ojos Cuff by Odette , also available at the Wiksten shop.

there are some lovely Erin Considine necklaces there as well…seriously drool worthy.. (photos via Wiksten)

Mociun rings (photo via Lena Corwin) These really look so good stacked.
Must… resist…


feature on culturepush

I had wanted to share this weeks ago when the feature came out, but i was too busy with school ;( but here it is:
i was featured on Culturepush! Thanks to Michele Adriaens!
Its the first time my work has been featured on any site, so i guess that’s why i was pretty stoked.


morning thoughts. well at least it was morning when i thought about this.

On this cold cold morning, all I can think about is having a bagel & a takeaway coffee in my hand, waiting for the L Train with A.
a pumpernickel bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese from the Bagel Store. i’m salivating as i type. sucha lovely memory for me, not only because i absolutely love bagels, and coffee, but really, it was New York. i miss the simple things — living in Williamsburg, taking the L train, and embracing the cold outside. i miss the winter of 2010.

today i looked out the window its all gloomy and dreary. i’m filled with mixed feelings, wistfulness, some fear and yet also hope.
I’m embarking on my thesis, (finally!) and there’s this lyric by Björk that’s so apt for now, at least in my head.

“It’s the sparkle you become
When you conquer anxiety”


sure hope my thesis will sparkle when i’m done. JUST NEED TO DO IT.


for UMI

Umi, my laptop is dead… and this means i have to get a new one and might have to reconfigure everything again. If the back up on Time Machine doesn’t work. First time using Time
Machine, a little nervous.

But without a laptop these days feels good. Cos I don’t have to carry a ton around, and I try to come home earlier instead of camping in the studio.
I feel less distracted when I’m in school cos I don’t have easy access to the Internet . It’s evil I tell you. My iPhone doesn’t count cos even using 3G takes a while to load stuff.

I had to go to library to type out my proposal while my classmates did theirs in the studio. Which actually felt more productive for some reason. Focus and just do what you need to do.

I definitely need to have that mindset now cos knowing me, I get easily distracted by anything possible. I strangely feel a bit apprehensive with school nowadays. Just can’t wait to have it done and find a job.

Well, one thing at a time. I should focus on working hard and finishing my degree first. No wait, I need to buy a new laptop first!

umi = 海 = ‘sea’ in Japanese


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Brooklyn oh Brooklyn

It’s official, I’m going to NY for my Internship!

Gonna be interning with Shabd of I really love all her tie-dye fashion! She has such gorgeous dye work, I exceptionally love the ones inspired by NASA Hubble telescope photos. They were of worlds being born and stars dying… And she had a collection of pastel coloured tie dye clothes…. really changed my view about tie dye.

I got an email from Shabd one day saying that Caitlin of Mociun had emailed her my info ( i had previously emailed her regarding internship), and she was interested in seeing my portfolio. I am so very grateful to Caitlin! I hope i get to intern with her next summer!

I’m going to NY with 2 other classmates, they are interning in Manhatten. Right now, tickets are bought, we just need to get some warm clothes and boots, and a place to live in…


oh we need to finish our work due for submissions. pronto.
i leave on the 2nd of Nov. that’s like in 9 days?

seriously can’t wait.

Get Crafty

A little crafting collaboration with 3 of my frens from temasek design school.

This was basically for a design game to get the discount code from the CRAFTY 2010 peeps.
So the plan was to take a letter each from the word “CRAFTY” (some took 2, since there was only 4 of us..)
and we would craft each letter up, any way we wanted.
From Left C by Chups, R by me, A&F by Sel, T&Y by Melly.
I’m so proud of our little creations! No one knew what the other was doing, and its amazing how it turned out! and it all started with a little tweet. haha.
I did it in a mad rush because I was busy preparing for a presentation I had, but this was really fun to make! I don’t think I’ve made anything so fast before! 😉
so now, we wait for the discount codes. hehe.
Here is the link for the bigger pic. ( i’ve linked it to your flickr, Melly,  hope that’s ok?!)

I’m quite glad for this surge of energy with this collaboration though, cos since school’s started, I’ve been feeling rather slow, and a little directionless in my research. There is so much to do, I really need to push myself, and find inspiration in anything and everything! keep my mind open and just absorb, but yet know when to stop. that part i hate sometimes.
so, to better days, and a more creative mind.

it was wonderful collaborating with you lovelies! we should do this more!
Here’s a bigger pic of my R.

Let’s do some living after we die

how can you not fall in love with this voice?
The Sundays, on a rainy sunday.