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a sunday walk

Had lunch with my parents at Ang Mo Kio on sunday.
The Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) is really good. esp the pork knuckles in black sauce!

and then we walked ard the neighbourhood and chanced upon this tailor shop which extended to the walk way. which was a good use of the space if u ask me. Natural sunlight, free advertising.

we also saw this shop that was teaching little children how to skate… very smart, because once you are trained, you can head across the overhead bridge to the park and practise.

we crossed the overhead bridge, and decide to take a stroll in the park. obviously my idea, cos it was scorching and i think my parents would have preferred some shade… i just thought we could all do with some vitamin D and nature for once… anyways, some dog owners were learning how to train to their dogs.  I wonder if there will be a class for cats one day.

and then I saw MacD sign, so i was looking for the Macdonalds which i thought was very nearby in the park.. and stumbled upon this river/ park/dryland thing. I dont even know what its called. apparently its Bishan-AngMoKio Park… though google maps says I’m really in AMK.
it’s sucha gem! imagine looking out of your window and seeing this patch of nature everyday! the macDs is a bonus i guess. i don’t eat macDs so often, but it would be a nice place to just chill and watch over the grass. i always envy pple who live so near nature. i have a river near my place but it looks way less natural than this.

the tuffs of grass really reminded of the highline in NYC…

it was a really hot day… I couldnt even open my eyes to the camera. I was wearing what my bf calls the ‘picnic mat”…its really light and comfy though.
brought along my holga too. sure hope i got some nice pics.

say hello to my feet. weirdly veiny in this pic. eeew.

headed back after much prancing around in the sun. the rest of the day was spent back in the comfort of our home, with the fan blasting ( we have no A/C) , and just chilling with the telly and some beeru. 😉

so how was your sunday? hope it went well.


Dress – Asos/ sandals – OFFICE ( from my trip to London 2011)/ bag – gift from my friends for my last birthday. they got it during Deepavali fr Little India. i love it so!

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tiny wild plants in tiny vases

❤ via flickr

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cotton ball wedding

& i was just talking abt a cotton stalk bouquet in my last post.
Look what i came across: a cotton ball wedding! love this idea!
(via laissezfaire)

the wedding was designed by Laura Lane, and photos shot by Jasmine Star.
more pics here.

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cotton stalk

(via Once Wed)

this is such a brilliant idea.
if i’m gonna get married i would like to have a cotton stalk in place of a wedding bouquet.

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