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Certainty | Entropy by Aiko Tezuka

I checked out this exhibition over the weekend.

Certainty | Entropy is by Aiko Tezuka, currently exhibited at Hermes, Third Floor, Liat Towers, Singapore.

I really liked how she made use of the mirrors, and made her tapestries look longer, and endless.

As the exhibition was based in Singapore, she took inspiration from our multi-racial heritage. The fabrics that she picked were that from the Peranakan, European, Indian as well as  Japanese heritage. With those fabrics as a base, she combined modern day motifs into a woven tapestry. The gallery sitter showed me these images of the original traditional fabrics, as well as the motifs that Aiko Tezuka used. You can try spotting them in the tapestries.

Part woven and part unravelled.

Very Clear motifs here.

The tapestries were so delicate and beautiful, though a little dark – especially those destructive icons. Sometimes I was not sure if i was to feel comforted with the blending of traditional and new. I did sense an underlying message of how modern day actions may one day erase heritage and culture, and we needed to do our part to help preserve that.

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These are a few of my favourite lemon yellow things

here’s an instagram photo with a bunch of things in one of my favourite colours- Lemon Yellow. I love yellow so much cos its sucha cheerful colour. makes me smile looking at it… and i happen to have a lot of things in this tone of lemon yellow.
I use most of them regularly, like my moleskin ( a gift) and my baggu. i think the oldest item there could be the hair clips, or the McNuggets x Transformers Toy. <3! the tiny translucent animal shapes are part of a old game in the 60s called Kuti Kuti. They come in many colours, and in different shapes and sizes. i keep mine in a jar cos they look pretty like that.

Have a happy yellow week!


feature on culturepush

I had wanted to share this weeks ago when the feature came out, but i was too busy with school ;( but here it is:
i was featured on Culturepush! Thanks to Michele Adriaens!
Its the first time my work has been featured on any site, so i guess that’s why i was pretty stoked.


cotton ball wedding

& i was just talking abt a cotton stalk bouquet in my last post.
Look what i came across: a cotton ball wedding! love this idea!
(via laissezfaire)

the wedding was designed by Laura Lane, and photos shot by Jasmine Star.
more pics here.

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cotton stalk

(via Once Wed)

this is such a brilliant idea.
if i’m gonna get married i would like to have a cotton stalk in place of a wedding bouquet.

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