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a sunday walk

Had lunch with my parents at Ang Mo Kio on sunday.
The Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) is really good. esp the pork knuckles in black sauce!

and then we walked ard the neighbourhood and chanced upon this tailor shop which extended to the walk way. which was a good use of the space if u ask me. Natural sunlight, free advertising.

we also saw this shop that was teaching little children how to skate… very smart, because once you are trained, you can head across the overhead bridge to the park and practise.

we crossed the overhead bridge, and decide to take a stroll in the park. obviously my idea, cos it was scorching and i think my parents would have preferred some shade… i just thought we could all do with some vitamin D and nature for once… anyways, some dog owners were learning how to train to their dogs.ย  I wonder if there will be a class for cats one day.

and then I saw MacD sign, so i was looking for the Macdonalds which i thought was very nearby in the park.. and stumbled upon this river/ park/dryland thing. I dont even know what its called. apparently its Bishan-AngMoKio Park… though google maps says I’m really in AMK.
it’s sucha gem! imagine looking out of your window and seeing this patch of nature everyday! the macDs is a bonus i guess. i don’t eat macDs so often, but it would be a nice place to just chill and watch over the grass. i always envy pple who live so near nature. i have a river near my place but it looks way less natural than this.

the tuffs of grass really reminded of the highline in NYC…

it was a really hot day… I couldnt even open my eyes to the camera. I was wearing what my bf calls the ‘picnic mat”…its really light and comfy though.
brought along my holga too. sure hope i got some nice pics.

say hello to my feet. weirdly veiny in this pic. eeew.

headed back after much prancing around in the sun. the rest of the day was spent back in the comfort of our home, with the fan blasting ( we have no A/C) , and just chilling with the telly and some beeru. ๐Ÿ˜‰

so how was your sunday? hope it went well.


Dress – Asos/ sandals – OFFICE ( from my trip to London 2011)/ bag – gift from my friends for my last birthday. they got it during Deepavali fr Little India. i love it so!

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so i finished my thesis paper. yay!!!!! i actually got a finger cramp from 3 days of typing. ;<

i was writing about howย Bjรถrk is so creatively influenced by her climate and geography, and how all her music and fashion always points back to her love for Iceland.ย  i myself want to find my roots and be inspired. but singapore is so different in the sense that it is way more urban than Iceland, which is full of nature and open land.

And because singapore has advanced so rapidly, and become so culturally diverse, it’s hard to point out our roots. so I thought about my childhood memories of old(er) singapore… when buildings had more character ( i love old shophouses!); there were more open space and nature, and playgrounds were not all plastic and rubber mats. There was actually sand!! Toys were not iphones and ipads… and the snacks i grew up with had toys in the packaging. haha. i miss all the kaka, whiterabbit sweets, and tora to name some. even yakult came with a toy. To me, older singapore had alot of charm. its good to progress, but sometimes i think we have progressed too fast. so in this project, i am inspired by old singapore, and my childhood memories living here.

I have a sentimental soul.

so here is one about childhood snacks. maybe i’ll post one of singapore’s playgrounds soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰
this one is printed using mint green, grey and coral pink ink.

i have realised that there are quite a lot of local artists having similar themes about culture, identity and remembering the past. i like.


morning thoughts. well at least it was morning when i thought about this.

On this cold cold morning, all I can think about is having a bagel & a takeaway coffee in my hand, waiting for the L Train with A.
a pumpernickel bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese from the Bagel Store. i’m salivating as i type. sucha lovely memory for me, not only because i absolutely love bagels, and coffee, but really, it was New York. i miss the simple things โ€” living in Williamsburg, taking the L train, and embracing the cold outside. i miss the winter of 2010.

today i looked out the window its all gloomy and dreary. i’m filled with mixed feelings, wistfulness, some fear and yet also hope.
I’m embarking on my thesis, (finally!) and there’s this lyric by Bjรถrk that’s so apt for now, at least in my head.

“It’s the sparkle you become
When you conquer anxiety”


sure hope my thesis will sparkle when i’m done. JUST NEED TO DO IT.


Belated birthday cake


Ally baked me a cake on Tuesday. He had promised to bake one for my birthday, which has long passed in September. I was too busy with school then so we decided to postpone the cake baking. Now that it’s the hols, it was time to redeem the cake ๐Ÿ™‚ chocolate craggy cake. Delicious! thanks A!

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f**king sunshine christmas party

so i couldnt sleep, and felt the urge to blog. instagram has become my new bestfriend for posting pictures but i’ll try my best to revive this.
i know i say this many a time, but i will i will! 2012 is arriving, and blogging is gonna be one of my resolutions.
need to keep track of my project work as well, might as well use this for a better cause. ๐Ÿ˜‰

so i leave u with pictures from our christmas party at john’s.

christmas sign courtesy of wenling. why we call ourselves F**king sunshines, i do not know.

of course i had to take some bokeh pics.

only photo of our youngling, wenling. hey that rhymes.

christmas carolers. lindy’s sister is on the right ๐Ÿ˜‰ just look at the amount of food we had. sinful.

forever in love.
oh wait, wenling left us awesome pressies> look left for a portrait covered xmas tree.

us on the stairs.

and jerry’s customary group shot while we were feasting on log cake.
which was super yummy btw.

i love my friends.


my friday the 13th.

I had lunch at an organic vegetarian cafe in Fortune Centre.
had a cold soba noodle, an ABC fruit juice, and a mulberry yogurt.
this was slightly sour but really good.

was painting repeated shapes for my textiles studio class and then when i looked at the negative space i suddenly saw Onigiris. <3! this pattern was made for me. haha

today is Friday the 13th and its also my dad’s birthday! happy birthday dad! muak.
no pics of him cos he’s camera shy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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