creating work opportunities

I’m finally done with school! We had our Graduation Exhibition Opening last week! Photos up soon!

anyways, now that I’m done with school, I should look for work. i chanced upon this post via a tweet by Alex Mathers today.

25 Pretty Quick Ways to Create Work Opportunities For You as a Creative

1. Email an old client.

2. Write a classified ad about your services in a popular magazine or directory.

3. Write a blog post that draws attention to your expertise and share it.

4. Go to an event such as a conference or gallery opening and aim to talk to just one person. Perhaps talk to a few more, and close each chat with an exchange of your awesome-looking business card.

5. Give a talk on what you are passionate about.

6. Start a newsletter.

7. Call or email potential clients and prospects.

8. Ask someone in your industry for advice. It’s amazing what lengths some people will go through to help you out. The very act of asking for advice is self-promotion.

9. Volunteer or intern somewhere relevant to your industry.

10. Create a video that could go viral, and promote it. Pray that it goes viral.

11. Start a small business centred around your passions that has a market.

12. Add people on your social media profiles.

13. Write a guide on something you know about and give it away, perhaps as a downloadable pdf.

14. Invite people to dinner who could potentially work with you.

15. Organise an outing or event related to your creative skill or passion.

16. Sign up for a course or workshop on something that could further your career.

17. Create a high-quality self-started piece of work to add to your portfolio and promote the heck out of it.

18. Hook up with someone new that you could collaborate with.

19. Offer to buy coffee or lunch over a chat for a prospect or influencer in your field.

20. Post business cards and postcards to people that you think would be interested.

21. Give away free stuff and/or presents to fans and prospects, especially your own work.

22. Write a well-researched guest post on someone’s popular blog.

23. Host a competition to win something on your site.

24. Offer people a free trial of your product or service before they pay.

25. Do something challenging and/or awesome for charity to raise your profile in the world.


I highlighted the one that jumped out at me most.

11. Start a small business centred around your passions that has a market.
I’ve always wanted to design my own fabrics and make my own print-based products. now that I’ve graduated, I feel that I really can go into this full time. There are so many inspiring independent designers out there, and I always admire their courage to follow their own dreams. Perhaps I’ve spend too much time reading about them achieve their dreams, and admiring that strength, when I really should be focusing on mine. I’ve wondered if I should work for others first, get some income, and then at the side line work on my own things. I’m just afraid that I’d get so swamped by my job that I won’t have the energy to do anything at the end of the day. dilemma! money vs passion. gah.
right now I’m gonna just look for job openings. and also work on new projects, so that gives me the best of both worlds!! ; >

Hurrah to the awesome future ahead!


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2 thoughts on “creating work opportunities

  1. SC says:

    Best of luck!

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