pink hair

I finally went to dye my hair at the salon just like i always wanted to! i was contemplating to bleach my whole head of hair and dye it pink!… but i thought i better just try the bottom first in case my hair was ruined from bleaching.
the guy bleached my hair 4 times, but it still didnt turn all blonde… my hair’s too stubborn, plus i DIY dyed it at home before.. so i guess that makes it harder to bleach.
this took abt 5 hours in total. was just as long as when i was a Toni & Guy hair model…

My hair looked way more orange than in the photo. by now i can’t even see the pink anymore. time to buy some hair colour and DIY!

it does look nicer when it’s braided. i forgot to tell the guy that i wanted a gradual bleach.. he ended up doing it in a line…so when he flat ironed my hair it looked really weird. now that my wavy hair’s back in action, the line isnt so straight anymore. see below for wavy orangey hair. i’m definitely conditioning it more, and rubbing in more olive oil to keep it softer and smoother. actually… i think i might need a haircut. haha

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