Mociun’s New Store on Wythe Ave. i wish i was still living on Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn. i would visit it everyday if i could.

i really love her prints and clothes, i have one romper which i wear on very special occasions. that’s how much i love it. and now she’s moved on to do more jewellery. lovelovelove! she’s sucha go getter. that’s one thing i admire about the new yorkers that i met, they all know what they want and they do what they can to get them. and they aren’t gonna just sit there and let things stop them. or whine about it.

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4 thoughts on “mociun

  1. This store looks beautiful. Can’t wait to check it out.

  2. melly says:

    I’m gonna be in nyc in two weeks! Ahhh, the spirit of the people there 😉 Shall check her shop out!

    • astralrae says:

      !! lucky you!! u really should! i think the baggu office should be nearby too. im not sure if it’s a shop cum office though haha. 😉 so excited for u!

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