so i finished my thesis paper. yay!!!!! i actually got a finger cramp from 3 days of typing. ;<

i was writing about how Björk is so creatively influenced by her climate and geography, and how all her music and fashion always points back to her love for Iceland.  i myself want to find my roots and be inspired. but singapore is so different in the sense that it is way more urban than Iceland, which is full of nature and open land.

And because singapore has advanced so rapidly, and become so culturally diverse, it’s hard to point out our roots. so I thought about my childhood memories of old(er) singapore… when buildings had more character ( i love old shophouses!); there were more open space and nature, and playgrounds were not all plastic and rubber mats. There was actually sand!! Toys were not iphones and ipads… and the snacks i grew up with had toys in the packaging. haha. i miss all the kaka, whiterabbit sweets, and tora to name some. even yakult came with a toy. To me, older singapore had alot of charm. its good to progress, but sometimes i think we have progressed too fast. so in this project, i am inspired by old singapore, and my childhood memories living here.

I have a sentimental soul.

so here is one about childhood snacks. maybe i’ll post one of singapore’s playgrounds soon. 😉
this one is printed using mint green, grey and coral pink ink.

i have realised that there are quite a lot of local artists having similar themes about culture, identity and remembering the past. i like.


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