miura ori sculptures

via Printeresting

wow i really love the sculptures. what an interesting way to applying tessellation foldings. and how neat is that little workstation!!

the foldings in the earlier part of the video reminded me of some paper sculptures i did for the Controlpolis Exhibition in December last year. it was held at Avalon, but i didnt manage to go down. thank goodness Alvin ( Phunk Studio) took some.

Photos courtesy of Mystic Vintage.
my contribution: 1st and last structure.

A dream city of the future envisioned by 20 different creatives. Controlpolis is a landscape of many design ideas, lifestyle choices and whimsical fantasies. Each piece of architecture has a story to tell, and as a collective, a wonder to be experienced. The city is a tribute to Mystic Vintage’s new aviator sunglasses Control, which celebrates freedom and flight.

Here’s the closeup of the first building, made using Miura Ori folding technique. 😉

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