work songs

i transferred all my time machine back up from old umi to my new macbook pro so it works exactly like umi now. so yay i’ve got my umi back. i’m a happy cat.

but i’m also a sad cat.
don’t know why but i seem to keep doubting myself these days. and i’m so damn slow when i work. i have an essay to write, a swatch book to produce in a month. and a transmission project art piece to complete by April.
so many things in my head but my hands and brain are not working fast enough.
slowly i’m getting things together, but i just need to work faster. someone give me a NZT. that pill from Limitless.

anyways, listening to Bon Iver to cheer myself up. a tad strange i know cos his stuff is pretty slow.( and depressing?) but it calms me. it’s always them when i work, late in the night. keeps me alive. Grizzly Bear and the National are my other options. i have a soft spot for slow things, and beautiful vocals. perhaps that explains my sloth-like ways…

what do you listen to when you work?

that voice. how can you not love him?


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