for UMI

Umi, my laptop is dead… and this means i have to get a new one and might have to reconfigure everything again. If the back up on Time Machine doesn’t work. First time using Time
Machine, a little nervous.

But without a laptop these days feels good. Cos I don’t have to carry a ton around, and I try to come home earlier instead of camping in the studio.
I feel less distracted when I’m in school cos I don’t have easy access to the Internet . It’s evil I tell you. My iPhone doesn’t count cos even using 3G takes a while to load stuff.

I had to go to library to type out my proposal while my classmates did theirs in the studio. Which actually felt more productive for some reason. Focus and just do what you need to do.

I definitely need to have that mindset now cos knowing me, I get easily distracted by anything possible. I strangely feel a bit apprehensive with school nowadays. Just can’t wait to have it done and find a job.

Well, one thing at a time. I should focus on working hard and finishing my degree first. No wait, I need to buy a new laptop first!

umi = 海 = ‘sea’ in Japanese


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