studio dreams

During the holidays I bought ‘Open Spaces with Lotta Jansdotter’ and also “Bureaux à la Maison’, and I just was so amazed with all the creatives’ work spaces. It’s so inspiring. I guess I’ve always been a little obsessed about looking at other peoples’ studio space, and finding out how they work.

I stumbled upon The Makers’ Project by Jennifer Causey last year. She lives in Brooklyn, and was inspired by all the creativity there to capture the workspaces of the artists, designers and creatives who reside or work there as well. I always go back to that website just to look at pretty photos of them working. OH! She featured Shabd’s studio too. I’m so happy to have worked in that space. haha

On the same note, here’s a video of the designers of Vena Cava. I never got to meet them in New York, but Shabd always used to tell me how much she loves their clothes.

and another video about Jewellery Designer Erin Considine. I love how she tries to combine the hard and the soft; metal and yarns, and her choices of colours are so beautiful and raw.

and have i said that it’s all so inspiring? haha! I really hope to have my own little creative studio one day.

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