f**king sunshine christmas party

so i couldnt sleep, and felt the urge to blog. instagram has become my new bestfriend for posting pictures but i’ll try my best to revive this.
i know i say this many a time, but i will i will! 2012 is arriving, and blogging is gonna be one of my resolutions.
need to keep track of my project work as well, might as well use this for a better cause. 😉

so i leave u with pictures from our christmas party at john’s.

christmas sign courtesy of wenling. why we call ourselves F**king sunshines, i do not know.

of course i had to take some bokeh pics.

only photo of our youngling, wenling. hey that rhymes.

christmas carolers. lindy’s sister is on the right 😉 just look at the amount of food we had. sinful.

forever in love.
oh wait, wenling left us awesome pressies> look left for a portrait covered xmas tree.

us on the stairs.

and jerry’s customary group shot while we were feasting on log cake.
which was super yummy btw.

i love my friends.


2 thoughts on “f**king sunshine christmas party

  1. melly says:

    have a wonderful new year ser! everyone’s looking mighty fine in the pictures, soooooo good!

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