Brooklyn oh Brooklyn

It’s official, I’m going to NY for my Internship!

Gonna be interning with Shabd of I really love all her tie-dye fashion! She has such gorgeous dye work, I exceptionally love the ones inspired by NASA Hubble telescope photos. They were of worlds being born and stars dying… And she had a collection of pastel coloured tie dye clothes…. really changed my view about tie dye.

I got an email from Shabd one day saying that Caitlin of Mociun had emailed her my info ( i had previously emailed her regarding internship), and she was interested in seeing my portfolio. I am so very grateful to Caitlin! I hope i get to intern with her next summer!

I’m going to NY with 2 other classmates, they are interning in Manhatten. Right now, tickets are bought, we just need to get some warm clothes and boots, and a place to live in…


oh we need to finish our work due for submissions. pronto.
i leave on the 2nd of Nov. that’s like in 9 days?

seriously can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Brooklyn oh Brooklyn

  1. greenlaundry says:


    You gotta blog about your adventures in Brooklyn oright?

  2. sel says:

    Ser I’m excited for you too! I secretly like all the excitement, rush and packing! I agree with Melly – hopefully you get to blog about your journey in Brooklyn! I’ll be reading your post and be well Ser!


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