less than 4 weeks to the end of school. and also my final submissions.
and not forgetting 7 days to my interactive project submission. all i’ve been doing these days is folding paper using the Miura Ori pattern. love it to bits but the headache will come when i need to shape it into a hoodie-cape.

i try to recall how i managed to finish anything last semester. its blurry and all i rem was that it was a mad rush. O_o


to add to the stress, we have internship in Nov, and i have yet to find someone who will take me. I emailed my favourite textile/fashion designers. either they already had interns, or they couldn’t accept any international students. some just didn’t even reply. I really hope i get to intern with Shabd. I must so personally meet Caitlin Mociun to thank her if i get it. She was so sweet to pass my email around. <3! hope i get to intern with her next summer.

alright, back to drawing.
time to do more work, and less thinking.

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One thought on “worrywart

  1. greenlaundry says:

    !!!! Intern with Shabd, yessss!

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