Happy friday!

I just handed up my work for my formative feedback on Thursday so I was free to hang out with old friends again! I haven’t met my friends from Design School in probably a month ( yes that’s considered a long time..) because I’ve been so busy with school. We had our usual Japanese cuisine, this time at Tampopo, Takashimaya. They’re having a promotion now so some of the items are discounted, up to 50% off. but beware, the queue was really long. Food wasn’t too bad, at least i liked my Black Pig Shabu ramen a lot. ha…

oh! My lovely friends gave me a gift for my birthday! Lovely santa and camera stamps and porcupine stacking game all packed in a mint green lunch box! <3! I actually squealed when I saw it… which is really not me.. really. but I heart decolello so so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!

really had a good time catching up with my friends today…eating and chilling, chatting over coffee, playing bananagram… thanks guys for the company and the friendship. love u guys to bits.

oohkay, off to bed. maybe i’ll post my Cocotte pics up tmw.


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