Tioman Weekend

Ally & I went to Tioman over the long weekend with some of our JC friends. We had all gone there around the same time 2 years ago, right after I quit my design job. oh memories. Anyways, this trip was a really good chance for me to rest and refresh my body & mind because school has been really busy. I had intended to bring my laptop along, thinking I could do homework, but I decided against it the very last minute while packing, mainly because it was too darn heavy. ha. but really, who was i kidding? I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do much work there. I was going to the beach! I did bring my stitching along though, and managed to stitch a little on the first very rainy day.

We reached Tioman really late on thursday night/friday morning, at ard 2 am. Thank goodness it didn’t pour till we reached. We definitely slept well that night. It poured through the morning, and noon. As we weren’t diving, we really had nothing much to do there. Snorkeling plans were also thwarted because of the rain. We did some exploring though, when the rain subsided.

Day 2 was much better, it was all bright and sunny! We joined our diver friends on board, and went snorkeling! really sad that I didn’t buy a water camera, because the corals were so pretty! we swam around the different coloured fishes, and even spotted a few sharks! yes, swimming right below us, in the same water! didn’t know if we should just jump out of the water then. but that was really a wonderful sight.

Slept a lot during this trip (on the boat, on the bus), think it was much needed rest. It was wonderful. We had ice cream everyday- sometimes two. Got tanner and fatter, laughed a whole lot, suffered some bruises but Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going there again.

Pictures taken with my clover-san.

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