Get Crafty

A little crafting collaboration with 3 of my frens from temasek design school.

This was basically for a design game to get the discount code from the CRAFTY 2010 peeps.
So the plan was to take a letter each from the word “CRAFTY” (some took 2, since there was only 4 of us..)
and we would craft each letter up, any way we wanted.
From Left C by Chups, R by me, A&F by Sel, T&Y by Melly.
I’m so proud of our little creations! No one knew what the other was doing, and its amazing how it turned out! and it all started with a little tweet. haha.
I did it in a mad rush because I was busy preparing for a presentation I had, but this was really fun to make! I don’t think I’ve made anything so fast before! 😉
so now, we wait for the discount codes. hehe.
Here is the link for the bigger pic. ( i’ve linked it to your flickr, Melly,  hope that’s ok?!)

I’m quite glad for this surge of energy with this collaboration though, cos since school’s started, I’ve been feeling rather slow, and a little directionless in my research. There is so much to do, I really need to push myself, and find inspiration in anything and everything! keep my mind open and just absorb, but yet know when to stop. that part i hate sometimes.
so, to better days, and a more creative mind.

it was wonderful collaborating with you lovelies! we should do this more!
Here’s a bigger pic of my R.


3 thoughts on “Get Crafty

  1. sel says:

    I love the R and I have to say that again! It’s so adorable and I can’t believe how fast you sew and put it together! I can never do that and it’s so pretty! glad all of us love this little project xo

    • astralrae says:

      aww thanks guys! i love all ur art too!! i was praying so hard my sewing machine wont jam up hahaha
      i’m really amazed with what we came up with! everyone’s approach was so different but they all looked awesome together!
      And now we can really celebrate. uber good news!
      I still can’t believe it. haha
      someone pinch me.

  2. greenlaundry says:

    Definitely very proud too, beaming!

    Your sewing skills is impeccable, ser, I am hou impressed.
    (and, of course you can link!)

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