majorly stressed out over school.
I’m already sleeping much less than usual. just need to work faster.

Gonna be going to the Philippines during Project Week for a Collaborative Research Project with De-Lasalle students from Manila. We’d be travelling to weaving villages of Bontoc, located in the Cordillera region of the Philippines, and attempt to produce creative ideas and artwork driven by research carried out during out stay.
That is coming up in the week after next. ( 27th Feb- 6th Mar)

I have TONS of things due in the following week.
• 1m manipulated Cloth
• A technical File consisting of :
1. Stitching x6
2. Shibori Samples x8
3. Batik Samples x4
4. Solvent Transfer Samples x4
5. Marbling x4
6. Paint Transfer x4
7. Silkscreen Samples x4
8. Reports and what nots.

Things due after Project Week:
1. CCS Draft
2. Research Presentation + CPJ
3. V&P

alright. goodnight world.
I have another battle to fight tmw.


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