embroidering thoughts

so tired of saying, I’m tired.
strange, it seems like i do come home to do my work daily, but somehow time is never on my side, and i end up sleeping at 2 am almost everyday.

so what is the problem?

time management i say. and priorities.

Need to cut down on wasting time being distracted. which essentially means cutting down on being online for me. less internet = less distractions.

gawd i’m sucha kid.

but 2010 is a year of change. and i will embrace that wholeheartedly.
a change for the better, so I will wake up early everyday, and get enough rest every night. how ironic that i’m writing this at 1.35 am when i should really be in bed.

looking at my ever growing To-Do List gives me a slight panic attack every now and then, starting with the V+P brief wanting so many figures in colour. right now i haven’t started using the Copic markers, which really are really costly by the way, and judging from what i know abt Copic markers, they are rather hard to master. So i guess adding to my To-Do List is : Practise and Master Copic Markers

my list also includes 1 long overdued web design and a wedding card invite that i really should act on. ;x

i should paste my list here one day.
right now i need to continue on my embroidery.
susie will not be pleased to see blood stained white thread on my piece.

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