Pioneer Portraits

I recently took part in a community project called The Pioneer Portraits, in conjunction with Singapore’s SG50 celebrations.

Pioneer Portraits
Photo taken from Outer Edit.
The Pioneer Portraits initiative is a community project by Orchard Road Business Association ( ORBA). Part of the SG50 celebrations, it is designed and curated by OuterEdit, sponsored by Lee Foundation and Rich-Art Enterprises Pte. Ltd., and supported by Singapore Tourism Board and SG50 Celebration Fund.

It is a compelling showcase of Singaporean history – a celebration of her milestones, presented with pride and dignity through the eyes of her creative community. Along Orchard Road, 3 metre-tall glass panels will be applied with 24 stunning pieces of art, depicted by 24 of Singapore’s best and budding visual artists/illustrators.

This initiative will be ongoing from 1 August – 30 September 2015.

We were each given a milestone in Singapore’s History to depict, and mine was 1970s- the early development of Orchard Road.

Back in the early 1830s, before the ever-bustling shopping belt was flanked by distinctive shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, it was an unnamed country road lined with road orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms. Commercial developments began and there came Singapore’s first Cold Storage in 1903 (the site is now occupied by The Centrepoint).


Here are some photos taken on the Opening Day, 1st August 2015.

Jalan Fruity 1

My Artwork entitled Jalan Fruity.

In the 1970s, there were already quite a few buildings along Orchard Road. Most of them have been demolished, but some of the shopping centres have gone through a lot of changes. Some of them, like C.K. Tang, Lido, and Cold storage still exist, but the buildings back then had much more character and personality.

I knew I wanted to draw out these iconic buildings along Orchard Road during the 1970s, but I also wanted to add something whimsical into the picture.

I thought about how, in the 1800s, Orchard Road was lined with many fruit trees, spice and pepper farms. Orchard Road also got its name from the Nutmeg plantations that populated the area. Knowing this, I wanted to incorporate the idea of the fruit trees to make that connection to the past. I hope to remind people of what Orchard road used to be, in contrast to what it is now.

That’s when the idea of ‘shopping fruits’ popped in my head— little fruits shopping, hanging with fruity friends around the buildings. I drew different types of fruits, even those not grown in Singapore, because Orchard Road is so cosmopolitan, with visitors from all over the world.

A1 GlassPanel_Serene Astralrae_2007_ CC
Close-up of Jalan Fruity.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Here I am, looking at my artwork on the Opening Day. There was a street busker right in front, and I was thinking, that’s pretty awesome, a free performance for people who might be viewing my work


From Left: Ms Joan Pereira, the Guest-of-Honour, Ms Indranee Rajah, our Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Education, Mr Mark Shaw, Chariman of the EXCO of Orchard Road Business Association and Executive Vice-President, The Shaw Organisation  and  Mr Steven Goh, executive director of the Orchard Road Business Association.


With the rest of the participating artists, Mr Mark Shaw and Mr Steven Goh of Orchard Road Business Association

Here are some links to see the other pictures of the event.

Pioneer Portraits — OuterEdit

Pioneer Portraits | Facebook

Enjoy & Cheers!


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Certainty | Entropy by Aiko Tezuka

I checked out this exhibition over the weekend.

Certainty | Entropy is by Aiko Tezuka, currently exhibited at Hermes, Third Floor, Liat Towers, Singapore.

I really liked how she made use of the mirrors, and made her tapestries look longer, and endless.

As the exhibition was based in Singapore, she took inspiration from our multi-racial heritage. The fabrics that she picked were that from the Peranakan, European, Indian as well as  Japanese heritage. With those fabrics as a base, she combined modern day motifs into a woven tapestry. The gallery sitter showed me these images of the original traditional fabrics, as well as the motifs that Aiko Tezuka used. You can try spotting them in the tapestries.

Part woven and part unravelled.

Very Clear motifs here.

The tapestries were so delicate and beautiful, though a little dark – especially those destructive icons. Sometimes I was not sure if i was to feel comforted with the blending of traditional and new. I did sense an underlying message of how modern day actions may one day erase heritage and culture, and we needed to do our part to help preserve that.

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a love for leather bags

I really do love leather bags.
I went out last Saturday on a mission to look for a new wallet, but I ended up lusting after some leather bags instead. A new wallet will have to wait I’m afraid. On a whim, I just decided to write a post about the leather bags that I’ve been eyeing.

Walked into the new Saturday store by Kate Spade… and I saw the prettiest little bucket bag.

The Saturday Bucket bag. This is the only image I could find online. Seriously fell in love with it when I saw it in the store – in brown leather. The shape is so adorable and the leather is so soft. And it looks like it can fit most of my stuff…erm since I’m trying to carry fewer things out these days. Just not sure of how it would fall when you carry it. Silly me didnt try it on.


I was searching for the said bucket bag mentioned earlier, I chanced upon two more. These are from Saturday as well. I thought the outfits looked so cute! I guess they compliment each other. Bigger images of the bags at the end of the post.

Building Block Butter Bucket. These bags look fabulous, and I’m quite in love with their bags, though I’ve heard the straps hurt quite a bit… which brings this lower down in my lust list. Pity,  it’s really so pretty.

Here are some more that I love:


1. Saturday Crossbody Saddle Bag in Vachetta    2. Baggu Leather Drawstring Purse 3. Fossil Memoir Novella Small Flap 4.Saturday Crossbody All Along Bag in Vachetta

The Fossil Memoir looks really classic, and is quite roomy. This was the other bag that I tried on, and I liked that it had this timeless look. Something that can match a lot of stuff I think. Comes in brown and mint leather as well.

I mean, that’s just a small bit of my lust list… sigh..

Choices Oh choices.


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Love and light.


Happy Lunar New Year! Have a properous and abundant 2014, full of wealth and health ! Love and light to everyone!!  Outfit of the day photo was taken by my dad. Thanks dad!


And I got down to cutting my hair finally. Said goodbye to all the dried ends from the bleaching and dyeing that I did last year. Shorter hair = a shorter washing and drying time. I’ve been wanting to cut it short for a long time, now that I’ve done it, it feels good!

Definitely good to have a little change. I’ve heard of how haircuts/hairstyles can transform a person. It’s probably psychological, but if it’s all for the better, why not welcome that change?

This year I hope to be more confident and decisive, to believe in myself more, always remember to give thanks,  embrace life and live with intent.

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a good dragon year

2012 went by so fast. I’m still a bit shocked that it is January 2013 now. Time flies when you’re having fun.
Civilization was supposed to end last year – according to the Mayans – but hey we’re still here! I suppose that’s a good thing.

So, the usual- Reflections about 2012. I guess I’m usually quite slow at this. Always thinking but never putting the words down. What have I done? What have I achieved? Have I done things that I’m proud of? Have I learnt new things?

Here’s a list of things that I have done in 2012.

  • Graduated from Art School with a Fashion Textiles Degree.
  • Dyed my hair Pink. It’s still pink and I still love it very much. For someone who doesn’t even go for haircuts much, this is a big step, cos this means I have take care of my hair more than usual.
  • took part in a few exhibitions –  ”Transmission Kaleidoscope” / Phunk, Singapore and “Pen & Needles”/ LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
  • Opened a shop with my friends selling self-designed / handmade goods, accessories and apparel. it’s my first time having my own shop and really, there was so much to learn because, seriously, school teaches u nothing much about running your own business. You learn as you go along, and I guess that’s extremely challenging and exciting. Rockin’ Rocket!
  • Got a full time job that allows me to play with yarns and colours. yay to that. I’m also learning a lot with this new job, so that keeps me excited!
  • Travelled overseas for work ( makes me feel all grown up to say that I went on a business trip… cheap thrill I know.)
  • Travelled to Malacca, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Tioman ( the usual yearly trip). I didnt travel a lot because of school commitments though.
  • Turned 30. wow. I don’t feel 30 at all. I stayed in my office till about 10pm that night, and didn’t celebrate. A was having reservist as well. I’m not sure if it’s a good memory to have … to spend your birthday working all night but oh well, life goes on haha.
  • Bought a flat with A. All I can think about is how we can do the interior design, even though it’s really gonna take a few more years for it to be ready.

so yah. a short list of things I’m kinda happy about… I might add more things if i remember them… and this leads to…

Resolutions. I’ve always wonder if people actually fulfill all their resolutions each year. just before the year ended, I had accidentally deleted my 2012 Resolution list. I definitely recall writing “Graduate” in my list so yah, at least I know I completed one task. ;P

2012 was a pretty packed year for me, I was constantly kept busy. Busy with school; Busy with Making, Creating; Busy with Work.  I’m secretly a workaholic. ok maybe not so secret. It’s more like a sudden revelation for myself.

I hope that 2013 will be a busy year of goodness as well, but I also want myself to be able to have work life balance. I think after all these years, it’s about time I learn to time manage better. Life is about work and play. sacrifices have to be made, but I also need to realise that I can’t survive by working so much and not resting my mind. There are times when I feel guilty about playing and resting- not good at all.

Anyways, I think I’ll put my resolutions in another post… because… I haven’t quite started on my list haha.

I hope everyone had a great 2012. I’m quite excited about what 2013 will bring, so Hurrah!



it was a good dragon year.



These are a few of my favourite lemon yellow things

here’s an instagram photo with a bunch of things in one of my favourite colours- Lemon Yellow. I love yellow so much cos its sucha cheerful colour. makes me smile looking at it… and i happen to have a lot of things in this tone of lemon yellow.
I use most of them regularly, like my moleskin ( a gift) and my baggu. i think the oldest item there could be the hair clips, or the McNuggets x Transformers Toy. <3! the tiny translucent animal shapes are part of a old game in the 60s called Kuti Kuti. They come in many colours, and in different shapes and sizes. i keep mine in a jar cos they look pretty like that.

Have a happy yellow week!


holiday time!

vietnam bound in few hours! ( ho chi minh city to be exact!) yay!
can’t wait to eat all the yummy street food, and explore the city!

see you all in about 10 days! 😉


a sunday walk

Had lunch with my parents at Ang Mo Kio on sunday.
The Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) is really good. esp the pork knuckles in black sauce!

and then we walked ard the neighbourhood and chanced upon this tailor shop which extended to the walk way. which was a good use of the space if u ask me. Natural sunlight, free advertising.

we also saw this shop that was teaching little children how to skate… very smart, because once you are trained, you can head across the overhead bridge to the park and practise.

we crossed the overhead bridge, and decide to take a stroll in the park. obviously my idea, cos it was scorching and i think my parents would have preferred some shade… i just thought we could all do with some vitamin D and nature for once… anyways, some dog owners were learning how to train to their dogs.  I wonder if there will be a class for cats one day.

and then I saw MacD sign, so i was looking for the Macdonalds which i thought was very nearby in the park.. and stumbled upon this river/ park/dryland thing. I dont even know what its called. apparently its Bishan-AngMoKio Park… though google maps says I’m really in AMK.
it’s sucha gem! imagine looking out of your window and seeing this patch of nature everyday! the macDs is a bonus i guess. i don’t eat macDs so often, but it would be a nice place to just chill and watch over the grass. i always envy pple who live so near nature. i have a river near my place but it looks way less natural than this.

the tuffs of grass really reminded of the highline in NYC…

it was a really hot day… I couldnt even open my eyes to the camera. I was wearing what my bf calls the ‘picnic mat”…its really light and comfy though.
brought along my holga too. sure hope i got some nice pics.

say hello to my feet. weirdly veiny in this pic. eeew.

headed back after much prancing around in the sun. the rest of the day was spent back in the comfort of our home, with the fan blasting ( we have no A/C) , and just chilling with the telly and some beeru. 😉

so how was your sunday? hope it went well.


Dress – Asos/ sandals – OFFICE ( from my trip to London 2011)/ bag – gift from my friends for my last birthday. they got it during Deepavali fr Little India. i love it so!

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summer lust

Ojos Cuff by Odette , also available at the Wiksten shop.

there are some lovely Erin Considine necklaces there as well…seriously drool worthy.. (photos via Wiksten)

Mociun rings (photo via Lena Corwin) These really look so good stacked.
Must… resist…



some pics from my grad show…
so the president of my school let off these balloons, to represent us graduands who will be soaring high and seeking new heights now that we have graduated. funny how some of them got stuck at the roof…haha but i must say, it was a pretty high moment. 😉

entrance to the BA Design Grad Show at Lasalle College of the Arts.
this was my little booth. Me with my biscuit tins, plushies, portfolio and swatch book 😉
I wrapped those tins with hand printed fabric, and also made the plushies inside. they are supposed to be giant sweets and snacks from my childhood.

Cover of my portfolio.

fooling around with my tins..

My mom, my cousin and her twins.

wooooooo with emily our lecturer.

yay proper class photo! Class of BA(Hons) Fashion Textiles 2012 – L to r : weifang, me, lila, yoseffin, kanes, belinda and edward


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